Jewelry as Women’s Accessory

Jewelry as Women's Accessory
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How to Wear it with Style

Since time immemorial, jewelry has adorned women and men, dictating status symbols, serving as protection, and ornamenting as an art piece. The wearing of jewelry has continued to evolve over time, serving as a fashion accessory and an investment. Jewelry in Western cultures is well-loved most especially by women, although Western men also wear select pieces of jewelry. As a fashion accessory for women, jewelry needs to be worn in a certain way, read more information on women jewelry by visiting

Here are a few things to consider.


Balance is the most important thing in wearing jewelry. Jewelry should be worn and not wear down a woman—this means that it shouldn’t be too overpowering. Balance starts by identifying a focal point; for instance, if you are wearing bulky dangling earrings, it is ideal to skip the chunky necklace.

It you still want to wear a necklace with those earrings, use one that is subtle and simple. Also, if you are wearing a bodycon dress wear jewelry according to the dress

Jewelry as Women's Accessory


Color is crucial and requires a keen eye for beauty. Wearing a pair of green emerald earrings with a red ruby necklace doesn’t seem like a very good idea, unless you’d want to epitomize Christmas time or you are attending a party themed “colorful”. Wear three hues the most, but stick to the same tones. For instance, lavender, purple, and plum are three different hues but are of the same violet tone.


The material of jewelry goes hand in hand with the color.

If you are wearing pearl, you can match it with a silver necklace with a pearl pendant. On the other hand, pearl and ruby may look beautiful if they are integrated in one piece of jewelry, but not when two separate pieces are worn together. Kansas City jewelers know which material go well together, so why not try seeking their advice?


Wearing the right length of jewelry is in line with your clothing and body and facial structure. For instance, a plunging neckline emphasizes a necklace that falls right at the collarbone. Meanwhile, a pair of long dangling earrings helps elongate a round face. Visit some jewelry stores Overland Park KS have; their expert jewelers will have no problems in recommending the perfect set of jewelries for you.


Jewelry not only serves to make you look good, it also doubles as a practical accessory. A good example is a watch, which is both aesthetically appealing and functional. Kansas City jewelers offer jewelry that will make you shine all day while still keeping you on track despite your hectic schedule.

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