What Is A Bodycon Dress and How Do I Wear It?

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Bodycon dresses have been noticed to be popular among celebrities. These dresses are designed to be skin tight and short to show off a well shaped woman and her body. They have also been known as a bandage dresses, describing how they will fit and display your figure. These dresses have appeared to become a normal part of their wardrobe and even worn by celebrity at their fancier events. Basically these dresses can be made out of any type of clingy type of fabric that will cling to the body showing off a woman’s curves and figure.

Are They All Alike?

These dresses are not only made from a variety of fabric but are also cut in various designs. Adding belts and such are too big for these styles of dresses and make the outfit look off kilter and not flattering. Many who wear them admit that they are wearing spanx under them to help with a more flattering look. There are a variety of different fashion tips that can enhance the dress and woman for an even more stunning look. The dresses themselves can be designed with a contoured print to add a curvier look. Many of these are also being worn in longer styles even below the knees to add a more alluring look on some women.

Adding To The Flair

• Adding shoulder pads can help to accent a curvy waist and bottom
• Wear taller heeled shoes to help make your body look leaner and longer
• The less accents that are worn with these dresses the better
• If a more formal occasion add length to the dress
• If a bar scene and you are wanting to turn heads then the mini skirt length is best

Do These Dresses Work For Everyone?

Not every woman has a body that can show off a bodycon bandage dress. Many that do wear them not only wear spanx to add a smoother look, but some have to have that special fabric and design to match their body type. Special design can be such as adding an amount of sheer lace portions or even the sexy crunched textured fabric. Do not over accent your dress. This can take away from your flattering attire. A very minimal amount of jewelry such as a necklace and a handbag or earrings and a matching bracelet, should be enough accents. It is recommended that if you are considering wearing a bodycom for the first time, to stay with a basic one. Select one with dark colors if possible because they offer a slimming look. Also make sure you are comfortable with the length of the dress for some women to wear a skin tight mini short takes some getting use to. A beginner might even start with one of a little longer length until they find exactly the look that they want. Then it would be ok to try your luck with the mini bandage dresses in various styles.

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