Who Should Wear A Bodycon Dress

Who Should Wear A Bodycon Dress
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The bodycon dress first came into prominence in the 1990s and it quickly became popular. since then it has been in and out of fashion. It came back into prominence again in 2007 when Herve Leger redesigned it. It rapidly became celebrity fashion at this time when a popular actress was spotted wearing it. A lot of famous women began to wear different expensive versions of the dress on the red carpet. The regular fashion conscious females then caught on to the bodycon trend. Today a lot of women can boast of one or two of this dress as part of their wardrobe.read more information on bodycon dresses http://www.classict-shirt.com/everything-needed-to-know-about-bodycon-stretch-dresses/

Wearing a bodycon dress

It has been popularly suggested that this dress works perfectly with the hourglass body type. The ones with relatively same size busts and hips with narrow waists, but then anything will work perfectly on this body type.

So narrowing the bodycon dress down to just the perfect hour glass shape will not do enough justice to the awesomeness of this dress. There are so many other types of people that can wear the bodycon dress, some of which are;

  • Curvy women who are not necessarily slim will be able to wear bodycon dresses, and it will enhance their figures very well.check out some amazing curvy bodycon dresses at http://www.houseofcb.com/
  • A lot of models, actresses, famous celebrities who have access to personal trainers that help them to be in shape are the majority of people who wear bodycon dresses.Who Should Wear A Bodycon Dress
  • Athletic and toned females can equally carry off this dress perfectly. Females that just lost weight and wants to showcase the new body they have gained should also wear bodycon dresses.
  • Pregnant women can also wear this dress very well as long as they feel comfortable in it. Pretty much anyone that can afford this dress can wear it as long as they are not morbidly obese.
  • Bridesmaids or guests at weddings can equally pull off bodycon dresses as long as they are not revealing.

Who should not try bodycon dress

It has been said that people with straight up and down figures, pin thin, small hips and busts cannot wear them. So also the pear shaped and apple shaped women.It will not be appropriate for elderly women to wear the dress because their bodies will be saggy and wrinkly everywhere. This dress is also not meant for young girls that are still developing, it will not do them enough justice. The key to wearing a bodycon dress is having confidence in oneself.

There is the popular saying that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” Feeling beautiful starts from within and if one feels beautiful on the inside, they will be able to project this to the outside. The only thing a person with a different body type like the pear or apple shaped might do is to put in some extra work like wearing a body shaper underneath the dress. They might also have to try on different types of styles before they are able to find the right fit. The bodycon dress should work on more women other than just the hourglass body type.

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